Lend a Hand //

Our community has spoken—they want to give back via meaningful volunteer experiences. Through our partnership with Shalom Corps, we can capitalize on UJA’s connection to 100+ beneficiary agencies and our relationships with other partner organizations throughout the GTA, Israel, and globally. We are in a unique position to curate local volunteer opportunities for community members and incubate new ideas. We can also provide access to a menu of immersive, long-term experiential volunteer opportunities overseas.

“It is important that we model the behaviours we want to see in our children”
- Elana Geller


Local Opportunities //

UJA Genesis collaborates with our various community partners to curate a stream of unique and meaningful volunteer opportunities. UJA serves as a concierge, personalizing and following up on these experiences.

Innovative Volunteer Initiatives //

UJA Genesis provides an opportunity for community members to design their own volunteer-driven solutions to key community challenges. UJA incubates and measures community-led interventions to assess their impact.

Experimental Volunteering //

We have a menu of immersive, long-term volunteer experiences abroad.