Give Back //

Giving charitably presents another pathway of engagement, one that is necessary to maintain UJA’s position as backbone of the community. It comes alongside community members’ donation of their time, talent, and strategic input. UJA Genesis is experimenting with new and innovative ways to help raise funds and awareness for UJA’s partners. Whether we are hosting intimate groups for hands-on experiences or putting on large-scale networking and fundraising events, our key objective is to secure the necessary funds to support the members of our community who are most in need.

“The future of our community is up to us. I, for one, couldn’t be more excited”
- Shael Weinreb


Annual Campaign //

Priorities include securing new donors and growing Ben Gurion Society donors ($1,000+) and JFNA Young Leadership Cabinet donors ($5,000+).

Impact Groups //

Lay leaders and UJA professionals work with social and professional circles of 12 to15 people to create customizable, immersive experiences that inspire giving.

Fundraising Events //

The primary purpose of these events is to offer access to networks, raise funds for UJA, and achieve brand exposure.

Additional Tactics //

Venture philanthropy, excursions, and fly-ins.