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The application will be used by staff to determine each prospective mentee’s / mentor's eligibility for the program, and will additionally be the primary resource staff use in facilitating the matching process between mentors and mentees. Please select a role below.


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It is important to acknowledge that not everyone who satisfies the eligibility criteria will be invited to participate in the program. Genesis will be attempting to match 20-30 mentees and mentors in one-on-one mentoring relationships. Therefore, dependent on the career field and particular skill-set of our mentors, Genesis may not be able to find an appropriate match for all mentees that are exceptionally qualified to participate in our program.



Please note the following expectations for participation in the event you are successfully matched through the Career Mentoring program:

  • Familiarize yourself with all orientation materials provided
  • Read all required readings prepared by Genesis
  • Adhere to the time commitment outlined in the orientation materials
  • Complete all evaluations requested by Genesis