Mentee Readings and Resources

Hey Mentees! Here are the required readings in the Genesis career mentorship program. We have selected 8 readings that can help enrich and guide your mentor meetings. We hope you take the time to review these materials which will help you create meaningful conversations with your mentor select. 

Reading # 1 - The Goal Driven Mentoship

Reading # 2 - Prompting Questions

Reading # 3 -10 Tips for Intrapreneurs

Reading # 4 - Building and Leading High Performance Teams

Reading # 5 - Change the Way you Persuade

Reading # 6  - Coalition Building and the Change Process

Reading # 7 - How to Counter Resistance to Chang

Reading # 8 On the Value and Values of Jewish Social Entrepreneurship

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Mentor Readings and Resources

Hey mentors! We are so thrilled you are volunteering your time with us. Here are a few readings and resources you can use to help enrich your volunteering experience.  Please feel free to review the mentee readings which will help inform and shape some of their thinking and conversation directives. 

Resource # 1 - The Skills Necessary to be a Successful Intrapreneur

Resource # 2 - Mentorship Troubleshooting Tips for mentors

Resource # 3 - Mentorship and Intrapreneurship Quotes for Mentors

Resource # 4 - The Skills Necessary to be a Successful Intrapreneur

Resource # 5 - 10 Tips for Intrapreneurs