The Joshua Institute Leadership Accelerator is a reimagined, advanced leadership cohort experience for Toronto’s emerging Jewish leaders.

Applicants will be required to complete and submit this application and a CV in order to demonstrate:

  • Leadership experience and accomplishments
  • Desire to join this particular cohort community
  • Describe their specific attributes, interests, skills and experiences that they will contribute to the cohort
  • Availability to commit to the cohort & overall program
  • Basic alignment with UJA’s Strategic Priorities* through personal interests and/or previous experience

Applicant criteria:

This program is seeking candidates who will help form a diverse cohort, where participants can learn from one another on a range of topics and issues. As such, this program is interested in applicants who can demonstrate varied backgrounds in:

  • Leadership experience
  • Professional experience
  • Jewish knowledge
  • Points of Jewish heritage
  • Connection to the Jewish community
  • Education

It is important to note that emerging leaders of all professions, in and outside of the Jewish community are encouraged to apply.

The program is seeking individuals who:

  • Have a passion for the Jewish community and a desire to engage with important issues to make a difference in Toronto
  • Have a demonstrated track record of strong leadership either within or outside the Jewish community in a volunteer and/or professional capacity
  • Have the ability to identify a need or problem within the greater Toronto Jewish community and have the determination to drive change
  • Committed to dedicate between 1-6 hours each month to group learning and personal growth
  • Have an interest in exploring and better understanding the intricacies of UJA’s role in Toronto’s Jewish community, its strategic priorities and gaining a deeper appreciation for the impact of a meaningful gift
  • Agree to be an ambassador for UJA by identifying a call to action based on personal interest in any of UJA’s Strategic Priorities
  • Are between the ages of 27-45 years of age