The Joshua Institute

Leadership Reimagined  //

The Joshua Institute leadership accelerator (JI) is an advanced leadership and skill development experience for Toronto’s Jewish leaders.

The 18-month program is grounded in leading theory and practice and is designed to cultivate the next generation of Jewish community leaders. JI participants are ages 25-45, are passionate about the Jewish community, and want to make a difference in Toronto. They are committed to exploring UJA’s role in the community, UJA’s organizational priorities, and the impact philanthropy has in our city and throughout the Jewish world.

JI is powered by UJA Genesis, a new engagement platform for people looking to connect to the community in a meaningful way.

If you are interested in joining a future cohort of JI leaders, please contact Jodi Katzeff, Director of Engagement, UJA Genesis at:

  • Program Eligibility  //

    All applicants must submit an application and CV in order to be considered for the program.

    Applications must demonstrate:

    • Leadership experience and accomplishments
    • Desire to join the Joshua Institute community
    • Description of specific attributes, interests, skills, and experiences the applicant will contribute to the cohort
    • Availability to commit to program
    • Basic alignment with UJA’s strategic priorities through personal interests and/or previous experiences

    We are looking for candidates who will help form a diverse cohort where participants can learn from one another.

    This includes varied backgrounds in:

    • Leadership experience
    • Professional experience
    • Jewish knowledge
    • Points of Jewish heritage
    • Connection to the Jewish community
    • Education

    It is important to note that emerging leaders of all professions, inside and outside of the Jewish community, are encouraged to apply.

    If you:

    • Have a passion for the Jewish community and a desire to make a difference in Toronto
    • Have a demonstrated track record of strong leadership within or outside of the community in a volunteer and/or professional capacity
    • Have the ability to identify a gap or problem within the Toronto Jewish community and have the determination to drive change
    • Are committed to dedicating 1–6 hours each month to group learning and personal growth
    • Have an interest in exploring the intricacies of UJA’s role in the community, its strategic priorities, and gain a deeper appreciation for the impact a donation has
    • Agree to be an ambassador for UJA
    • Are between the ages of 25–45

    Then you're exactly who we're looking for!

  • Program Benefits  //

    Upon completing the program, you will graduate with the following:

    • A set of tools and skills with which you can innovate around solutions and enrich our community
    • A deeper understanding of today’s global Jewish landscape through exposure to top Jewish community thought leaders and catalysts globally
    • A renewed sense of purpose to actively participate in Jewish communal life through network weaving, leadership opportunities, and social entrepreneurship
    • A strong network of peers who represent the young generation of Jewish Toronto leadership and are passionate about advancing UJA’s mission and work
    • A heightened awareness and confidence to champion UJA’s priorities
  • Curriculum  //


    The Joshua Institute program is infused with leadership theory and opportunities for hands-on learning; it encourages collaboration among cohort members and welcomes emerging leaders of all backgrounds. Participants will be exposed to community problems through case studies, so they can grapple with the tensions that exist between theory and the pragmatic realities of the Jewish communal leadership space.

    Designed to accommodate demanding schedules, the curriculum is divided into three modules.

    • 1. Global Jewish Community and Impact

      Providing context around the changes and innovations taking place in the Jewish world
    • 2. Making the Case for Jewish Leadership and Enrichment

      Learning how to make leadership distinctively Jewish
    • 3. Advanced Community Leadership

      Discussing how to apply newly learned skills in a hands-on way within UJA and the broader community

    Each module will include:

    • Exposure to cutting-edge theory and practice
    • Experiences to learn and become immersed in the Jewish communal leadership landscape
    • Opportunities for reflection and personal growth
    • Transferrable leadership and life skills that are taught through a Jewish lens
  • Sessions  //

    JI 2019 will consist of both in-person and remote sessions.
    All in-person sessions will be held on evenings or weekends:

    In person

    • 2 full-day seminars (6 hours each)
    • 4 half-day deep dives (3.5 hours each)
    • 4 interactive field learning experiences (2 hours each)
    • 1 immersive experience (Friday–Sunday)
    • 2 social gatherings


    • 8 webinars (60 minutes each)
    • 3 vlog reflections (2 minutes each)
    • Enrichment readings