Evolve Jewishly //

There are so many ways of “doing” and being Jewish. One of UJA Genesis’ mandates is to help every community member find their place and inspire them to continue their individual Jewish journey. UJA Genesis will build collaborations with community partners and Jewish identity organizations to create inspiring programming and experiences.

“UJA Genesis is an innovative approach to community building and an exciting opportunity for my family and I to engage in Jewish Toronto.”
- Gary Diamond


Connective Experiences //

UJA Genesis empowers community members to design their own educational intiatives, and curates Jewish connective experiences to support and deepen the individual Jewish journey.

Birthright Israel Follow-up //

UJA Genesis creates opportunities targeted toward Birthright Israel participants returning to Toronto that build on their recent shared experience and welcomes them to the Toronto Jewish community.

UJA’s Shabbat Experience //

This initiative encourages community members to host or attend a shabbat dinner that is authentic and meaningful.