Genesis Career Mentoring Match Moments Giselle and Jeremy Cammy

Mentee: Giselle Hausman

Industry: Music Entertainment 

​Mentor: Jeremy Cammy, Indigo Canada

“Captain Cammy to the Rescue” is not just a saying. It’s a reality.

As I stepped into the big white-walled Indigo office on King street, I reminded myself that UJA Genesis set me up with this particular mentor for a reason. And this match proved to exceed any and all expectations. Talking points were unnecessary during our meetings, as the conversation flowed effortlessly with high energy and enthusiasm. Chatting about our lives and backgrounds, we gained a solid sense of one another; while enjoying a perfectly selected playlist of Indigo Music in the background.

With a quick glance into the world of Jeremy Cammy, I am honored to have been matched with such an interesting and one-of-a-kind individual. Attention to detail is something that Jeremy has mastered. Not only does he remember employee names and their schedules – keep in mind that Indigo is not a small office, but he makes an effort to go out of his way and put a smile on everyone’s faces. Caring about his employees is an understatement. At Indigo, Jeremy goes above and beyond – for example, providing the whole office with free gourmet teas thanks to the new “Tea Bot” machine. Yes, there are daily lineups for this tea.

During our second meeting, the concept of “never settle” came up as an important lesson. As a recent Master of Arts graduate in Global Entertainment and Music Business from Berklee College of Music, I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities – whether it’s in my exact field of study or not. Jeremy was there for me when I needed it most; you guessed it – pre-interview prep. His insight and encouragement fuelled me with the confidence that I needed. However, not everything works out as planned. And again, Jeremy was extremely supportive and expressed that one should not settle. This moto had a greater impact than I thought it would – it helped to center my thoughts as I re-evaluated myself and my opportunities.

Having the feeling of only scratching the surface thus far with this mentorship program provides hope and excitement for what is to come. The reassurance that I feel from my meetings with Jeremy serves as a reminder that perseverance and attitude are everything. There’s a very good reason they call him Captain Cammy.


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