Genesis Career Mentoring Match Moment

Mentee Name: Aaron Kroll  

Industry: Real Estate Development  

Mentor: Sam Mizrahi

The mentorship program allowed me to target a specific industry niche that I was seeking to enter by pairing me with a highly experienced mentor in the field. Through out my initial meetings with Genesis director Alana Kayfetz, I was able to prepare and refine my goals which she presented to prospective mentors in the genesis program. Alana was key in providing feedback on how to refine my resume, and emphasize my industry strengths.  Through this process, I was fortunate enough to be paired with Sam Mizrahi, president of Mizrahi Developments - one of Toronto's leading real estate developers. 

The Genesis mentorship program provided a wealth of resources guiding me through how I could prepare questions for my mentor that would most effectively maximize our time spent during our meetings. The readings and resources were highly useful. Although the program is well structured, it allows for a high degree of flexibility to suit specific industry needs. 

In just a few short weeks after joining the mentorship program, it was hard to believe that I had already set up my first meeting with my Mentor with such a distinguished profile. Throughout our first meeting, I got to ask Sam the questions I had prepared. His approachable personality and willingness to give his time to help guide me onto the path of achieving my goals was truly inspiring and refreshing. It has been a pleasure working with my mentor up until this point and I look forward to the remainder of my mentorship program!



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