Genesis Career Mentoring Match Moments Sam Weisbrod Ora Shulman

Mentee: Sam Weisbrod 

Industry: Jewish Day School Educator

Mentor: Ora Shulman, Judaic Studies Principal at Associated Hebrew Schools

From my first introduction to Mrs. Ora Shulman, Judaic Studies Principal at Associated Hebrew Schools, I knew that I had benefitted tremendously from the Genesis program. Mrs. Schulman’s initial impression of a professional, warm and experienced administrator was reinforced throughout the course of our first discussion. Here was an individual who not only shared in my vision to develop Jewish communities by empowering youth through education (more or less), but had traversed through the career trajectory that I aspire to follow through with remarkable success. Moreover, she was excited to share her expertise with me!

My enthusiasm in learning with Mrs. Shulman is shared with my enthusiasm towards the Genesis program. Its director, Alana Kayfetz, and associated board members have proven themselves to be quite capable in their difficult goal of connecting compatible Jewish professionals who benefit mutually. As a young professional who struggles to navigate a currently over-satured industry, the importance of having a relevant mentor who has walked the proverbial path cannot be understated. 

I would strongly encourage any would-be professional at the outset of their career to pursue an application to the program. 


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