Our Terminology


Below you’ll find a helpful set of definitions for the terminology used by the Centre for Jewish Innovation:


Jewish Social Entrepreneur

A Jewish social entrepreneur acts as a change agent – pioneering innovations that benefit Jewish community and humanity, seizing opportunities missed by others, and improving methods, inventing new processes and creating sustainable answers to difficult Jewish communal questions.

Emerging Non-profit

An Emerging organization is in its earliest stages of development. It typically has a founder with a vision or idea but has just begun to establish its identity, funding stream, employee structure, business model, practices, and approaches. Its programming is experimental and innovative.

Growing Non-profit

A Growing organization has been operating for more than two years and has established a track record of some successful programming and funding. The organization has engaged a set of people, formed a board, and defined its business model. The organization is hiring the first paid staff and is developing systems of accountability.

Established Non-profit

An Established organization has been operating for more than six years and has a budget that exceeds $500,000. Its programs are well-regarded. Operations, roles, and systems are formalized. Board members focus on sustaining momentum, strategic planning, and longer term budgeting and fundraising.

Sustained Non-profit

A Sustained organization has been operating for more than ten years and has a budget that exceeds $1,000,000 with a well-developed fundraising approach. Its services and structure are fully developed and can be replicated in other communities. Staff are professionally trained and are fully responsible for all operations. Board members focus on setting policy and prescribing operational boundaries. Remaining on the cutting-edge and revitalization of mission is paramount to the organization’s continued success.