About Genesis


Jewish social entrepreneur acts as a change agent - pioneering innovations that benefit Jewish community and humanity, seizing opportunities missed by others, and improving methods, inventing new processes and creating sustainable answers to difficult Jewish communal questions.



What is Genesis: UJA Federation's Centre for Jewish Innovation?


Genesis aims to enhance Toronto’s Jewish community by nurturing Jewish non-profit initiatives as well as the personal career mentoring of young adults. Genesis will be drawing on the expertise  of our diverse and multi-talented community  members to accomplish these goals.

What are the activities of the Centre for Jewish Innovation?

Genesis has previously hosted 4 growing Jewish non-profits in a collaborative office space.

While Genesis can only physically house a limited number of organizations, Genesis will engage and collaborate with established and sustained Jewish non-profits to offer a range of  emerging and growing Jewish organizations and social entrepreneurs the following opportunities:

  • Mentorship
  • Increased organizational profile
  • Capacity building workshops
  • Technical assistance

Young Adults and Social Entrepreneurs


  • Members of the community who are leaders in their profession may volunteer to provide one-on-one mentoring.


How do I fit in?




Genesis aims to engage and strengthen the  non-profits in the Greater Toronto Jewish community by working with volunteer and professional leaders through the following three points of entry:

  • All Nonprofit Leaders are invited to training workshops on topics such as fundraising, marketing, and social enterprise.
  • Growing Non-profits are invited to apply for residency at Genesis.
  • Established and Sustained Non-profit Leaders and Private Sector Experts are encouraged to offer their wisdom and experience through mentorship.