About Genesis

Genesis brings together volunteerism, mentorship, leadership, Jewish connective experiences, and philanthropy into one fully integrated engagement initiative. Our mission is to foster a culture of giving—we encourage community members to dedicate their time, passion, and expertise, in addition to philanthropic contributions. Creative cross collaboration is happening between departments within UJA, and between UJA Genesis and both funded and non-funded community organizations. We are maximizing all the resources at our disposal.

We are impacting UJA’s key areas of priority: growing Jewish identity and education; fighting poverty and improving wellbeing; strengthening connections with Israel empowering global Jewish communities in need; and countering antisemitism.

There is a palpable appetite to fundamentally rethink how UJA serves and offers value to our community, and the structure of UJA Genesis is reflective of that shift.

The Approach

UJA Genesis is structured on four strategic pathways to engagement that serve as starting points for sparking a meaningful Jewish connective experience that leads to another, and another—eventually taking on a life of its own. Community members are empowered to explore, collaborate, and shape what “community” means to them.

The four pathways to engagement:

Connect //

Define your Jewish journey. Initiate and take part in meaningful Jewish experiences, curated in collaboration with UJA’s partners. Deepen your Jewish identity and feel connected.
Contact Jodi or Danya for more information.

Volunteer //

Shape your impact. Engage in opportunities and give back to the community through UJA’s network of partner organizations, or design and incubate your own initiatives.
Contact Ryla or Natalie for more information.

Lead //

Be a leader in the Jewish community. Take advantage of mentorship opportunities, put your unique value-add to work and help redefine community leadership.
Contact Jodi for more information.

Support //

Help ensure the long-term sustainability of the community by financially contributing what you can and developing new approaches to fundraising.
Contact Allie for more information.